Avvocati per Niente ONLUS

Towards good use of legal practices regarding unfavourable situations and fundamental rights

CLUSTER: Organisations providing innovative service to migrants

START DATE: January 2004






fundamental rights, lawyers, legal assistance, protection, volunteering

Avvocati per Niente

wherePiazza San Giorgio 2, Milano


The group of volunteer lawyers who integrate the association, the president is the lawyer Marina Ingrascì.
In collaboration with private social institutions like: Caritas Ambrosiana Foundation, Cena dell’amicizia Association, San Carlo Onlus Foundation, San Bernardino Onlus Foundation and Casa della Carità Foundation.

Subjects with a social disadvantage and in need of legal assistance. Beneficiaries must be people who have already received support by one of the founding organizations given that they are the ones who refer them to Avvocati per Niente.


Legal assistance, protection of fundamental rights and non-discrimination and legal education.

The Association “Avvocati per Niente” NGO is a volunteer association established by the willingness of some lawyers who are particularly invested in the development of a legal practice conscientious of fundamental rights and private social institutions that encounter people in distress and provide assistance at different levels. The Association provides free legal assistance to subjects with a social disadvantage, identifying and promoting strategic actions that denote a general concern for justice particularly in the field of protection of fundamental rights and non-discrimination. They provide as well legal training to volunteers and social workers and organize awareness activities on issues of particular social relevance.

why it is

This Association provides legal support and promotes legal actions that aim not only to protect the victim but also the removal of acts, measures or general behaviors, in order to prevent that others may suffer similar consequences and restore the fundamental values of equality, liberty, and personal dignity.