Bee My Job

Job inclusion in apiculture.

CLUSTER: Innovative services and organisations focusing on migrants’ employability and work integration

START DATE: January 2014



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agricultural social enterprise, job placement, trainership, training

Bee My Job

wherePiazza Monserrato, 7/8 – Alessandria


– APS Cambalache
– SociaAL Foundation
– Network of 14 partners (Aspromiele, Bee Generation, Cissaca, Co.Al.A, Coldiretti, Comune Di Alessandria, Conapi, Confcooperative, Coompany & Scs, Gestcooper Soc. Agr. Coop, Enaip, Irecoop, Regione Piemonte, Unaapi)
– Refugees
– Asylum seekers
– Subsidiary protection holders
– Companies in beekeeping and agricultural sector.


The beneficiary of this project need integration and inclusion through the acquisition of certificated skills


Activation of:

  • Specific training (biological agriculture, apiculture)
  • Traineeships
  • Education courses for citizenship
  • Job security courses
  • Italian courses (L2)

Moreover, companies that activate internships for refugees, asylum seekers and subsidiary protection holders get organizational and economic benefits.

why it is

With this innovative project, participants acquire specific and technical skills (biological agriculture and apiculture), this promotes job integration and social inclusion.

– 2 editions of the project
– Training of 65 refugees, asylum seekers and subsidiary protection holders
– 44 traineeships


Team and competences:
The team is composed by people whose expertise are related in general with hospitality. They are: mediators, educators and psychotherapists. Most of them have a degree in political science. Each operator has a specific role in the hospitality process and in the management of the association. The main activities are planning, educational tutoring and internships, and administrative. The team is also involved in other projects, such as the SPRAR Project in the municipality of Alexandria and other projects related to job placement
Legal Form:
APS Cambalache, promoter of the project BEE My Job, is a registered association for social promotion active since 2011. It deals mostly with asylum seekers and refugees hospitality

Service Description

Main Problem Addressed / Activity Sector:
The association APS Cambalache works to promote social inclusion and integration providing also hospitality and support in finding accommodations.
The main target are refugees and asylum seekers that came from Sub-Saharan Africa. The beneficiaries are mainly migrants hosted in hospitality centre such as CAS and SPRAR. The training course they offer are also open to other beneficiaries, including those who have been welcomed by other humanitarian organisation such as Caritas and social services. The purpose is to extend their training to other vulnerable people. Beneficiaries can be identified also in the companies that decide to establish a co-operation for traineeships, having the opportunity to work with qualified staff.
Solution (Project/Service):
The service offered is a professional training and a support for job placement.
They provide intensive courses that last a month or half a month, with theoretical and practical lessons of beekeeping. They also include visits and tours at other apiculture center in Piacenza conducted by experienced teachers. The classes are composed by groups of 20/25 students. The programme provides a basic professional training of 5/6 hours. Moreover, they offer 2 hours’ language course of Italian and other courses of citizenship and occupational safety. The training courses are organized not only in their head office. Thanks to partnership like the one with the INNIP (training institution of the region) which they can use also other spaces.
The project is innovative because it is simple, concrete and gives a real help to the migrants needs in a niche sector. Other innovative aspect are related to the courses and training that are activeted to favour integration process. The benefits offered to the main target include the opportunity to learn a profession in an increasingly growing sector, accompanied by the opportunity to find accommodation, often offered by the companies where the internships will take place.


Main Milestones:
BeeMyJob project start in 2014. They have formed 65 new beekeepers and farmers in collaboration with the Aspromiele apical technical association. 44 internships have been activated and this, are active in different parts of Italy, Lecce, Udine and in other Italian region. In addition, they have made partnerships with apical associations all over the county. Moreover, they have made partnerships with apical associations all over the county. They have also an urban apiary for internal professional formation and production. Some internships are activated within this apiary dedicated mainly to the most vulnerable subjects.
Main difficulties/challenges:
They started the activity without providing any Italian language course, so at the beginning they encountered communication problems. Another difficulty is related to the specific reference target. It happens that after the training it doesn’t lead to a good result because there isn’t recognition of the residence permit..


Social Foundation Funds, CRT and the Valdese Church pay and support them for the service that they offer.
They have a north urban apiary but the revenue from production is not enough to support the whole project. By now, the training course need external funding sources.
Work integration is made possible through agreements with companies in the apicultural and agricultural sector.
Stakeholders and Partners:
Stakeholders and Partners: Bee My Jobs provides to companies the incentives for activate internships and thus enable integration into the world of employment. They have made partnerships with apiculture associations all over the country.


Main Goals/challenges:
The project wants to develop in a kind of social franchising creating a social startup that focuses both on apiculture and agricolture. The feedback obtained was really positive and this provides the right boost for growing, expanding and involving as many people as possible.