Centro Asnada

A school for the world.

CLUSTER: Services and organizations providing innovative services to migrants

START DATE: June 2017






active education, care, integration, training
wherevia E. Dandolo 1, 20025 Legnano


Asnada was born from the initiative of some of the promoters of Asinitas, a nonprofit organization founded in 2005. It´s led by Sara Honegger, Margherita Giorgio, Debora Marongiu, Giada Beretta, Maria Boli.

Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Economic and Undocumented Migrants.


Social inclusion and integration with a culturally sensitive approach, enabling beneficiaries to blend in their host community and at the same time keep their own traditions and culture alive.

Asnada promotes educational activities and social intervention projects. They offer different workshops and initiatives with a focus on skill development, social interaction and language and culture exchange. Their projects include a school of Italian as a second language, workshops on manual expression, listening spaces, theatre workshops, orientation on health services, culture, education and training and courses for teachers, educators and socio-cultural professionals.

why it is

Asnada has a distinctive approach to education and a lasting experience in this field that enables them to promote social inclusion and cultural enrichment of the community through migrants and refugees presence.


Team and competences:
Asnada counts today nine members, five of whom actively working. They have different backgrounds and competences consistent with the multisectoral approach Asnada is promoting. While some of them are experts in cultural mediation, psychology and psychotherapy, some other are pedagogist or journalist.
Legal Form:
APS – Associazione di promozione sociale (social-promotion association) since 2010

Service Description

Main Problem Addressed / Activity Sector:
Asnada believe language is crucial for integration. Moreover, the ways in which language is teached and learned can foster a better integration process. In fact, schools promoted by Asnada have a focus on the whole learning process. Each of those is organized to meet the learning needs of a specific target.
migrants, refugees, sans-papier, asylum seekers, both adults and kids.
Solution (Project/Service):
Asnada promotes four different learning programmes: language school for adults, language school for theenagers, Lingua della Terra (Land’s Language) and Radici e Rami (Roots and Branches).
Each school is organized around a specific experience that becomes the learning device.
peer tutor – “urgent matter” – mixed groups.


Main Milestones:
Asnada was founded in 2010 as a social-promotion association. In 2013 they succeeded in putting together a steady equipe; this is considered as a main milestone for the association because the equipe has facilitated a significant evolution.
Main difficulties/challenges:
Sustainability is always a matter. Specifically, Asnada points out that:
– one-year grants do not enable associations to long-term programs;
– Evaluation of projects based on a learning experience like Asnada’s schools should be done on the ground;
Call to projects often try to address specific targets, on the contrary Asnada believe diversification and mixed groups create better conditions both for the learning experience and for the integration process.


Asnada sustain its activities with a mix of local, national and European funds.
Employees, Stakeholders and Partners:
Four people employed in Asanda and a main partnership with Armenia association in the implementation of the project “Nuovo Armenia” – an old farmstead in a popular neighbourhood in Milan. Asnada and Nuovo Armenia association are organizing cultural initiatives and projects in the attempt to promote an urban regeneration process.


Nuovo Armenia is one of the main challenges for the future.