Ciac (Centro Immigrazione Asilo e Cooperazione)

Centro di studio aperto (Open studies center)

CLUSTER: Organisations providing innovative services to migrants

START DATE: January 2011



asylum, citizenship, immigration


whereViale Arturo Toscanini, 2 43121 Parma PR


Forum Solidarietà (Centro servizi per il volontariato di Parma) through their project Immigrazione asilo e cittadinanza.
In collaboration with ICS (Consorzio Italiano di Solidarietà) and ASGI (Associazione Studi Giuridici sull’Immigrazione).

Migrants, refugees and asylum seekers


Accommodation, social inclusion, legal assistance, information services and orientation, and cultural and social activities.

CIAC provides different services and promotes projects in diverse areas such as
1. Legal support area
2. Socio-sanitary integration
3. Housing
4. Education and training

Today CIAC manages
Front offices – Immigration, Asylum-seekers and Citizenship in 26 Municipalities that serve like pivot for all the municipal offices working on legal aspects related to immigration and citizenship.
5 Asylum Help-desk through which the access to the asylum-seeker reception system is granted.
9 Counselling services on health problems
Servizio di segretariato sociale culture oriented to help italian and non-italian users to access sanitary services and to recognize among them, those how are in need of assistance like women victims of trafficking.
SPRAR Service in which 151 adults and 12 children are hosted.
Rifugiati in famiglia, a project in which refugees are hosted in families and houses in Parma.
Tandem, a project providing housing services and social/cultural activities for young refugees and university students.
Social Housing project in which 30 people who exit from the SPRAR system as not fully independent are hosted.

why it is

CIAC works as a network of expertise in the support of migrants and solidarity associations throughout the territory and a centre for the elaboration of innovative practices regarding the sheltering and assistance of migrants and refugees.

They have hosted 66 people in Parma and 70 in 26 municipalities in the Province of Parma through SPRAR.


Team and competences:
CIAC is organized in 5 departments each of them working on a specific issue. Every equipe working in each department has specific but multidisciplinary competences
Legal Form:
ONLUS – Non-profit organization

Service Description

Main Problem Addressed / Activities:
CIAC offers many services at different levels trying to create an innovative and integrated reception system in the Province of Parma: from first assistance to people seeking asylum to social housing for those refugees who exit from the SPRAR system but are still not fully independent both economically and socially.
Migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.
Solution (Project/Service):
The network of services managed by CIAC consists of
1. 26 Front offices
2. 5 Asylum Help-desk
3. 9 Counselling services
4. Servizio di segretariato sociale culture oriented
6. Rifugiati in famiglia
7. Tandem
8. Social Housing
Every project CIAC is promoting is based on
– the engagement of different kind of stakeholders: Public bodies, third sector organizations, migrants and local communities
– the attempt of creating a network of interconnected services
– the promotion of an innovative approach to migrants and refugees reception and integration – in the local community
– the empowerment of migrants and refugees


Main Milestones:
late ‘90s – CIAC was born as a network of organizations actively working on migrants integration
2001 – Centro Immigrazione Asilo e Cooperazione internazionale was founded as a non-profit organization
2008 – CIAC is appointed as lead partner of a national project on torture victims with two main challenges for the organization
– the need of restructuring the internal organisation
– the creation of a public-private partnership for the implementation of a service in which legal competences could work together with medical/health expertise.
2014 – CIAC went to work back in the City of Parma after almost 20 years in which public administrations were adopting policies against migrants reception and integration.


CIAC sustain its activities with a mix of local, national and European funds.
Employees, Stakeholders and Partners:
CIAC employs 40 people. Among them 28 are graduated and over 10 are founding members with migratory background.