CNA World – Rome

Servizi per l’immigrazione.

CLUSTER: Innovative services and organisations focusing on migrants’ employability and work integration

START DATE: January 2009



Indra Perera | Honorary President –
Claudio Capezzuoli | CNA –

certification, education, housing, job integration, skills development, training

Cna World

whereViale Guglielmo Massaia, 31 00154 Roma


CNA (Confederazione Nazionale dell’ Artigianato e della Piccola Impresa) and migrant entrepreneurs working in the City and Province of Rome

Migrant entrepreneurs, migrants willing to start up their businesses.


Legal and Regulatory Advice, Business Training, and Networking.

The main goal of the initiative is to support non-EU citizens that are – or intend to – become entrepreneurs in Italy.
They offer support to startup a business, get a loan approved, and tax compliance.
They provide individualised support and tailored assistance based on
– the evaluation of technical and professional skills
– the analysis of the context in which the potential entrepreneur is willing start-up the business
support with Italian laws particularly regarding the regulations of labour contracts.

why it is

1. The tailor-made support offered to start-ups is effective in providing advices to migrants willing to set up their own businesses
2. The large and diverse member base provides learning and networking opportunities and allows exchange of knowledge and information between entrepreneurs with migrant backgrounds and Italian entrepreneurs ones. Therefore CNA enhance the exchange of experiences, improve the integration of migrants, and increase their sense of belonging

The association gather together 1000 migrant entrepreneurs in the whole province of Rome. 90% of them are sole traders mostly operating in the commercial sector or in the manufacturing and construction one.
The death rate of this kind of businesses is still high: 20-30% of the ventures fail in their first year of operation.


Legal Form:
CNA World Roma is an association founded in 2009 within the National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises (CNA). CNA offers support services to migrant entrepreneurs in other Italian cities through CNA World, although the one in Rome is only one formally established

Service Description

CNA World was founded with two main objectives
1. to represent migrants entrepreneurs and their interests
2. to provide educational and information services
migrant entrepreneurs, migrants willing to start up their businesses.
Solution (Project/Service):
Through a permanent help desk, CNA World offers individualized support on
– Legal matters such as residence permits, migration laws, labour contracts and agreements.
– Business definition and startup: analysis of the business idea in relation to different aspects (context, market conditions, skills and competences of the promoter, financial solidity); Business Plan definition and risk assessment.
– Access to finance: providing informations and support in access to credit and micro-credit. CNA World has established a Credit Guarantee Consortium (Consorzio Fidi within CNA) to facilitate access to credit for the members, their main activity is to provide collective guarantees to favour the granting of loans to their members.
– Mentoring and Training
– Networking: one of the core activities CNA World is offering in order to improve migrant entrepreneurs’ social capital.


CNA World sustain its activities with a mix of local, national and European funds.
Employees, Stakeholders and Partners:
Lazio Region, Chamber of Commerce, Banks (Banca Etica, Extra Banca) Association of Migrants, Prefetture (Local Representative of the Ministry of Interior), Universities (Roma 3, Tor Vergata).


Main Goals/challenges:
acquire more members to enlarge their community, improve the impact of their activities particularly those regarding the awareness about duties and rights of migrant entrepreneurs.