Eed Be Eed (Hand in Hand)

The Arabic-language magazine for culture and everyday life in Berlin. A bridge between Arab newcomers and German society

CLUSTER: Migrants’ entrepreneurs and migrant lead businesses

START DATE: November 2016




Yalla Media Akademie

Media HUB for Journalists in Berlin:

Arabic language, news, refugees
whereBerlin, Germany



A group of refugees and locals.


Syria and Germany


Information and job integration.



Clear information in Arabic language, skilled journalists, photographers, filmmakers and media related professional newcomers need exposure and job integration.


Eed be Eed provides information in Arabic of services, projects and events for migrants, as well as local news through an online platform, YouTube channel, Facebook and will also provide a printed magazine, which will be printed out the 29th of October. In parallel, the team is developing a project for journalists and press related professions and a media HUB.

why it is

It comes from the initiative of refugees who recognized the increasing need of the community. They realised they were not able to reach a big audience by helping people one by one, so they thought about a media platform to share basic information which evolved into a point of reference for life in Berlin and at the same time a way to advertise the skills of newcomers who are journalists and communications professionals.


Relation with the country of origin:
The founders know the Arabic language. They were previously studying topics not related with the initiative. As refugees themselves, they experienced that not knowing the language, makes it harder to find information about services or opportunities to connect with the Berlin
Relation with previous personal competencies/abilities/skills:
The founders were volunteering with organisations that helped refugees. They also gave personal assistance to other refugees on how to deal with bureaucracy and other daily life activities in Berlin. The team is composed by social workers, journalists, a theatre director, filmmakers, photographers, and a fundraiser and marketing organizer.

Start up

Role of network/community:
The service works with a voluntary team of journalists, web designers, video- makers, interpreters and IT people, a lot of them with refugee background as well.
Relation with the context:
The founders realized it is often difficult for newcomers to get relevant information about the services offered for migrants and to find their way in Germany. The aim is to favour the connection of newcomers with existing services and the local population.
Main difficulties/challenges:
Raising funds for the printed free edition of their magazine to give to 10,000 families living in emergency accommodation centres in Berlin. Unfortunately, their bank account was hacked and their funds were stolen. For that reason they faced accusations of terrorism, however after 6 months the authorities found the criminals and cleared the organisation to continue their operations.


Main Milestones:
The crowdfunding campaign was a crucial step to get feedback from the community. The fundraising was a turning point for them, as they achieved their budget goal, they realised that the project was in fact important for the community and responding to their needs. Their on-going work for the support of Arabic journalists, which includes their work in the communications and publications of Eed be Eed, has recently enabled them to participate in their first workshop with Jugendpresse Deutschland and two more that will take place later on in October. The also celebrated The Arabic Arts and Culture Fest on the 27th and 30th of October where they invited the community to meet Arabic artists and spend some time together.
Main difficulties/challenges:
Get funds for the printed edition and deal with the inconveniences with the bank and authorities when their account was hacked.


Eed be Eed is by now working with the help of volunteers and donations, public funds and support from their partnerships.
Eed be Eed is by now working with the help of volunteers and donations, public funds and support from their partnerships.


Main Goals/challenges:
Develop the business model in order to get a regular income. The aim is to work with advertising and do more marketing campaigns to get sponsors. Develop the projects about journalism in cooperation with Jugendpresse Deutschland, and develop their next workshops, publications, their network and also to create a Media Hub.
Critical Factors to manage this challenges:
Get resources to pay for the work of the Eed be Eed team members, develop further the communication channels and become a multi-language platform and referral for a variety of newcomers.