Ester Foundation

Women entrepreneurs.

CLUSTER: Innovative services and organisations focusing on migrants’ employability and work integration

START DATE: January 2012



mentorship, microfinance, networking, women

Ester Foundation

whereNedre Nytorgsgatan 13 252 26 Helsingborg, Sweden


Ester Foundation.

Women coming from immigrant and non-European backgrounds and women with immigrant background not integrated to the job market. From 2017 the Ester foundation is in addition to above targeting refugee women.


Women that aren’t integrated into the job market need help in order to overcome social and economic marginalisation.

The foundation provides holistic training, coaching and guidance, support developing a business idea, establishing a sustainable business plan and a social network.
In cases where it is needed they also facilitate the access to financial support;
The foundation works together with Swedbank, a commercial bank, to facilitate a microcredit, and with municipalities and the state job agency in order to provide economic support for the participants. Moreover, the methodology, based on research derived from microfinance projects in developing countries, consists of education and training in order to provide information, knowledge, and social and economic inclusion.

why it is

The global approach and the combination of skills development, social inclusion, and financial support have a very positive impact for the women and for the economy.
It is also interesting that this project is addressed specifically to women. In 2016 it became a reference project to the EU.

During the period 2012-2016, 21 women had completed the programme and 11 companies were set up. 10 of the 11 companies that were established in that period are still running. In 2016 the foundation got established in Stockholm with an initial target to reach 600 women during information courses and admit 60 women to the entrepreneurship program and preparation course (2017-2019).