Bureaucratic support for regular foreigners living in Italy.

CLUSTER: Organisations providing innovative service to migrants

START DATE: January 2016



APP, integration, migrants, support


whereVia Emilio Morosini, 10 21100 Varese VA


Bashkim Sejdiu.

Regular foreigners living in Italy.


Information and guidance on the bureaucratic procedures required for their stay in Italy.

InfoStranieri is an App for Android and iOS created by Bashkim Sejdiu to provide bureaucratic support to regular foreigners living in Italy.
The support services offered are free, efficient, convenient, and tailored to the specific needs of a foreign citizen in Italy. Foreign citizens in Italy have to spend a lot of time in bureaucratic procedures in different offices, but thanks to the services offered by Infostranieri, all this can be done comfortably from their home using their PC or mobile device and directly in their native language. In addition, through this portal and its App, they can locate professionals in Italy (Lawyers, Accountants, Notaries, Insurance, Banks) to receive specific assistance on bureaucratic issues and needs.
InfoStranieri offers assistance with Residency permits, Residence cards, Family Cohesion, Family reunification, and Citizenship procedures.

why it is

Currently, there are nearly four million regular foreign workers in the Italian territory, and this number continues to increase, therefore any instrument capable of responding to their needs is useful but also necessary.
Particularly for regular foreigners forced to live the nightmare of having to meet a whole set of bureaucratic requirements that are particularly complex, and costly in terms of time and on top of that in a language they are still learning.
But also for The Italian State as the country needs regular foreign staff and would, therefore, benefit greatly from the simplification of the obligations, particularly in reference to regularisation procedures.


Team and competences:
InfoStranieri is managed by its founder Bashkim Sejdiu. He is supported by an external company of information technology for the development and continue improvement of the mobile app. He has very good knowledge of the needs and problems of migrants thanks to his background and previous experience. He has great managerial and social skills developed during previous working experience as president of the association of Albenese in Varese, owner of a phone centre, consultant and seller of information technology courses. He is responsible for the activities of coordination and promotion.
Legal Form:
Social startup

Service Description

Main Problem Addressed / Activity Sector:
Developing the app he want to face mainly bureaucratic problems of the public institutions in particular the ones that migrants deal with when they arrive in Italy. With the new upgrade of the application he also tried to find a new and innovative solution to the problem of tuberculosis diagnosis.
The target and beneficiaries of the project can be easily identified in all the migrants and refugees living in Italy and that need a concrete support to have a practical guide in the twisted path of integration.
Solution (Project/Service):
The solution he provides is a mobile app that can be used by most of the migrants. For them is more problematic to have access to a computer than to a smartphone. The app offers in 10 different languages guidelines and support for all the most relevant procedures and practice that must be taken by migrants during the tricky process of integration and regularization of their status.
The innovative characteristics of the solution stand basically in his easy approachability with mobile phone. Another important element is the fact the the service is totally free and really fitted to the needs of migrants .


Main Milestones:
The project received a lot of recognition and prizes. Bashkim was interviewed by the most important national newspapers and also participated to many events. The app has been integrated recently with a new function called “Salute” (Health). The latter, in co-operation with the Milan Ats (Agency for Health Protection), focuses on the prevention and the assistance to foreigners, from a health point of view. In particular, the new section of the app provides a useful tool to easy collect information about symptoms, risk predispositions, request for control and vaccinations for the tuberculosis.
Main difficulties/challenges:
The coordination activity with tech developers has been one of the challenging part of his job. He is also had difficulties in the first period in finding funds. Another big challenge was to get over the mistrust of people that did not get what he really want to do and in particular that he want.


InfoStranieri has 10,000 active users collected without any investment in marketing, with an average of 40/50 user interactions per day. They are also building a Marketplace with commercial services specific to the immigration segment. This kind of business model become to be essantial because not only because many users asking for more suggestions and information, but most of all to ensure that the project can go on an autonomously. They have tried to be funded by European project targeting innovative projects, social issues but till now they have not obtained any relevant result.
Employees, Stakeholders and Partners:
InfoStranieri developed a strategic partnership with local health authorities to provide them key information for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in particular among migrants. Thanks to the popularity that he achieved, Bashkim had also the opportunity to create a direct dialogue with institutions and public authorities. He also have a good relation with associations, Embassies and Consulates.


Main Goals/challenges:
Main challenges will be to keep working in synergy with the same people and public services that are the cause of bureaucracy problems in Italy especially when we refer to migrants and refugees integration issue. They are working also for the future on the development of a new algorithm on the vaccines and another giving information about the duties for children enrolling at schools.