Intercultural Incubator for Migrant Organisations (MIOI)

Creation of social enterprises.

CLUSTER: International cooperation projects

START DATE: January 2014



counselling, integration, training, workshops

Intercultural Incubator for Migrant Organisations

whereul. Bracka 18/63 00-028 Warszawa


Foundation for Somalia, Immigrants in Action, organization that works in Poland, England and Africa, with the support of The European Fund for the Integration of Third-country Nationals.

Migrants who have a project or initiative proposal to support immigrant integration in Poland.


Support and guidance to carry out their projects or ideas.

The program promoted integration in Poland by providing support, training, workshops, and counselling for the creation of social enterprises, particularly NGOs.
They offered training programs in Legal, formal and financial aspects of an NGO’s activities, workshops on intercultural skills, training in leadership skills and team management, project management and project implementation and public relations and marketing. They assigned a mentor and provide contacts, technical infrastructure, office equipment and a meeting room. The project aimed to be sharing platform to exchange information and promoted the organisations. The program ended in 2015 but they are still mentoring the organisations when needed.

why it is

It is interesting because it supports the creation of organisations that will work for the integration of other migrant communities in Poland.
Moreover, the intensiveness of the business training courses, with a flexible schedule and covering all the necessities to set up a company, has been successful and well evaluated by the participants (EU Guidebook).

The Foundation for Somalia offered, through the incubator programme, complete support and assistance for the selected 16 participants in creating their own organisation.