New Cold System

The New Cold System s.r.l. manufactures components and systems, as well as it is a distributor of HVAC-R components.

CLUSTER: Migrants’ entrepreneurs and migrant lead businesses

START DATE: January 2011


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New Cold System

whereVia Baravelli, 12/A - Z.I Bargellino,40012 Calderara di Reno, Bologna


Madi Sakandè.

Burkina Faso

Industrial components production.


The company produces systems and manufactures components for standard and special applications in refrigeration and air conditioning. Thanks to their experience and continuous technical research, they are able to provide more products meeting the standard quality of the industry.

why it is

Through a collective work (migrant and Italian), Madi Sakande and his partners took over a historic Italian company in the refrigeration sector, managing to make it profitable it again despite the crisis.


Relation with previous personal competencies/abilities/skills:
Back home he studied biochemistry and managed the family import-export business.

Start up

Role of network/community:
At arrival in Italy, he was first living with relatives in the Bologna area who helped him, while he focused in learning the language and getting vocational trainging. Madi was soon able to find work, specialize in refrigeration and become self-employed.
Relation with the context:
New Cold System s.r.l. is a continuation of the work begun in 1952 by Mr. Aldo Tovoli. In 2011, along with other partners, Madi Sakande took over the company.
Main difficulties/challenges:
The daily battle against bureaucracy and suspicion.


Main difficulties/challenges:
It’s always tough as it is for everyone, because customers do not pay, there is liquidity crisis, but we are able to move forward despite the crisis, and try to look abroad.
They have difficulties engaging women in technology programs.


Thanks to their experience and continuous investment in technical research, they are able to provide more products meeting the quality standards of the industry. The company has a business volume of 2 million euros a year.
Employees, Stakeholders and Partners:
There are 4 partners, three of them Italian born. The company has 10 employees, both immigrants and locals who work together.


Main Goals/challenges:
To introduce a refrigeration system in Africa to preserve food and medicines using solar energy.