Passwork (Cooperativa Sociale)

Il bene per bene

CLUSTER: Organisations providing innovative services to migrants

START DATE: January 2000


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whereVia Vittorio Emanuele III, 432 96010 Canicattini Bagni SR


Sebastiano Scaglione.
Migrants and Refugees


Migrants and refugees need hospitality and help when they reach Sicily. Moreover, they need a possibility to integrate in a foreign country.

Passwork manages three centres that receive migrants, they want to protect immigrants and refugees when they arrive to Siracusa and help them integrate and become independent. Trough their different projects they´re able to offer shelter, care, education, training, and job placement.

why it is

Sicily is one of the first places that migrants and refugees reach when they arrive in Italy, and where they need the first assistance. Moreover, it is interesting because of the beneficiaries they focus their project on, for whom the achievement of autonomy and job integration is the result of a therapeutic path of psychological support, that has been achieved through the experimentation of job placement in the Italian territory in the areas of sustainable agriculture and tourism.


Team and competences:
Sebastiano Scaglione, a sociologist and founding partner, is currently president and director of Passwork. He founded Passwork with 3 sociologists and they now have 57 workers of whom 12 are working partners.
Legal Form:
Since 2013 they are a type A and B cooperative and have become a social enterprise

Service Description

Main Problem Addressed / Activity Sector:
Their main focus is to provide shelter, especially to migrants arriving in Italy from the south of the world but also from eastern countries, they have experience in this area after working in the ’90s with the first “sportelli immigrati” opened in Syracuse.
They have chosen to specialize on some specific targets and vulnerabilities and not give generic attention. They focus on migrant and refugee unaccompanied minors, victims of human trafficking, and women with a psychological affliction derived from traumas experienced during their migration.
Solution (Project/Service):
Passwork manages three centres that receive migrants:
Comune di Canicattini Bagni – Centro Sprar “Obioma” di Canicattini Bagni, a centre that hosts 10 migrant women with a psychological affliction and their children.
Comune di Floridia – Centro Sprar “Obioma” di Floridia a centre that hosts 35 men, refugees and asylum seekers.
“Casa Aylan” a Canicattini Bagni a centre that hosts 12 foreign unaccompanied minors.
They started developing job placement procedures and created a network of partnerships, contacts and collaborators. They have become a reference for good practices at a national level using the knowledge acquired to offer migrants and refugees shelter and opportunities for social and economic inclusion.


Main Milestones:
They have accomplished the growth goal they were aiming for, and they are now in a stable stage.
Main difficulties/challenges:
They have realized that in their context it was too difficult to develop a business, a difficulty that is also true with Sicilians young people; migrants are often poor in skills and resources.


The funds come almost entirely from public entities, municipalities and prefectures. Only 5% of the funds come from other sources and projects.
Employees, Stakeholders and Partners:
They have 57 workers of whom 80% have contracts of indefinite duration, 12 are working partners.


Main Goals/challenges:
Not only migrants but also social operators need to develop their economic- financial skills, they need to learn how to structure and organize a company: more start-up incubation programs are needed, fundraising, process planning, and promoting of innovative ideas.
Critical Factors to manage this challenges:
At an institutional and policy level, They believe that a necessary change to be implemented should be to get out of the emergency dimension to get into the design and begin to consider hosting organizations not only as service providers but partners with whom to plan strategic actions.