Place Network

Innovators don’t have borders. They have places.

CLUSTER: International cooperation projects

START DATE: March 2017



collaboration, community, entrepreneurs, ideas, incubator, local and refugees, projects

Place Network

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PLACE is a European collective of organizations from different sectors (private, public, civil society, academic and media). Initiated and led by Wow! Labs in collaboration with MakeSense, Singa, Mairie de Paris, More than Shelters, Oxford Refugees Study Centre, and Duuable.

Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Migrants and the host community.


Opportunities to create innovative products and services in their host communities.

PLACE is a program/incubator of ideas. Their aim is to show how migration can be a source of innovation for the host country. Place is performing different experiments in European cities to show that newcomers and people from the host countries can create amazing products and services together when given a chance to do so. This is possible by creating innovation labs, where they can create products and services in response to their challenges following a mentoring program of six months.

why it is

They are creating a new dialogue in data on migration, identity and the economy and transmitting insightful new parameters of creating enabling environments for migrant-led innovation at a larger scale. They coordinate operational teams of partners across countries and sectors that collaborate promoting migrant-led innovation practices.

PLACE will be available in cities around Europe. The first pilot is due to start in Paris in early 2017, and others are beginning in Berlin, Greece and London.