Tobilì – Cucina in movimento

Traditional recipes with the best ingredients.

CLUSTER: Migrants’ entrepreneurs and migrant lead businesses

START DATE: March 2014



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entrepreneurship, food, refugees


whereVia del Fiumicello 7, 80142 Napoli


Bouyagui Konatè, Hosameldine, Levent, Susanna e Daniela.

Mali, Armenia, Turkey e Italy.

multi ethnic catering


The cooperative is called Tobili cucina in movimento. They offer multi-ethnic catering services, organize Dinners, Lunches, Events, Cooking Courses for those who want to learn ethnic cuisine from countries like Armenia, Egypt, Mali and Kurdistan. Through the kitchen they propose cultural and gastronomic dialogue.

why it is

– as a possible output of initiatives and courses promoting migrant and refugees entrepreneurship, particularly inside the SPRAR
– as a case in which people with different background work together
– as a case in which a successful business idea was identified


Tobilì was promoted by four asylum seekers, international protection holders and non-EU migrants. Each of them is from a different country, therefore, have different backgrounds and histories. None of them had worked before in the catering industry but they had the opportunity to attend a course offered by the SPRAR in which some of them were hosted. During the course promoted by Coop. LESS, Associazione culturale Frammenti and the Università della Cucina Mediterranea they discovered to be passionate about the topic and that in Naples there were no startups operating in this sector. Therefore, they decided to test the sustainability of this business idea

Start up

The initiative started in 2014 while the four promoters were attending the course for startups and entrepreneurial initiatives promoted by the SPRAR. The course consisted of a piece of theoretical introduction to the topic and another workshop in which the participants had the chance to test their skills and capabilities.
The context (the SPRAR) in which the idea come out and the network (support in the identification of members, partners and users) they were involved in has been crucial both in the very first phase and during the development of the business idea.


The project identification as well as the funding and the initial management of the startup have been pointed out as the main challenges and the phases in which a greater support was needed. The “cultural issue” described by the promoters as the main difficulty to be faced is related to the comprehension of laws, procedures and practices of the Italian context.


Tobilì is today run by 3 people: The President, Bouyagui who is 19 years old Malian guy; Shukri Khalif Abdulle a 51 years old Somali chef and Daniela Fiore who was working in the SPRAR and now is supporting Tobilì on the administrative and management side.
The catering service is still in a start-up phase: depending on the number of commissions a different number of employees is needed and the company cannot face an increase in staff numbers at this stage.


The main challenge Tobilì will be facing in the very near future is the opening of a restaurant in the City Center. This will give the chance to the company to have a steady revenue stream and therefore the possibility of enlarging their staff; at the same time a major increase of costs is associated with this challenge and, as a result, the sustainability of this initiative will be at the core of future development.