Analyzed and developed through interviews and extended desk analysis

The selection of cases tries to portray a wide qualitative picture of on-going practices, paying attention to the contexts in which they are promoted and to the different kind of actors involved. It also presents insights on the challenges for migrant integration into the labour market, the needs and opportunities igniting those processes and the services developed to cope with them.


They have been selected (among the 100 cases) using the following qualitative criteria:

  • originality/representativeness of a case in its cluster;
  • the systemic approach;
  • the integration of synergic actions;
  • visibility and diffusion;
  • self-sustainability and impact.


Accordingly, the aspects of each case that has been deeper analyzed and reported on the index cards are:

  • the development of the activity/service/enterprise (past, present and future);
  • the main difficulties/challenges faced;
  • the way they overcome or find a new solution to the problems;
  • their business model and revenue model;
  • their impact in terms of employability and integration activities.

Barcelona activa

Promotes economic growth of Barcelona and its metropolitan area.
Carrer de la Llacuna, 162-164 08018 Barcelona, España.

Barcelona Activa provides a wide range of services and products for migrant entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into reality. It supports entrepreneurs by means of a blended model methodology that mixes onsite and online support, complemented by a large offer of training activities.

Barcelona activa

Bee My Job

Job inclusion in apiculture.
Piazza Monserrato, 7/8 – Alessandria

With Bee My Job, biological agriculture and apiculture skills are provided to migrants, refugees and subsidiary protection permiting them to integrate in a specific sector. Moreover, it is important the fact that, in order to help the job placement, traineeships are activated.

Bee My Job

Centro Asnada

A school for the world.
via E. Dandolo 1, 20025 Legnano

Asnada promotes education activities and social intervention projects. Education and training are its core activities; moreover, a special attention is payed to the relational and social context through different kind of workshops and initiatives.

Ciac (Centro Immigrazione Asilo e Cooperazione)

Centro di studio aperto (Open studies center)
Viale Arturo Toscanini, 2 43121 Parma PR

Ciac is a robust organization working with several public administration, non-profit organization and private ones, providing a wide range of services with a distinctive approach, mostly experimenting different ways to implement “traditional” services.


CNA World – Rome

Servizi per l’immigrazione.
Viale Guglielmo Massaia, 31 00154 Roma

CNA World provide legal and regulatory advices based on the specific needs of migrants. Moreover, it facilitate the interlocution with a wide range of public and private actors and the access to policies and supporting measures.

Cna World


Digital Career Institute
Grünberger Str. 54, 10245 Berlin

The organization provides refugees technical qualification for the German digital job market. They provide one to one coaching and orientation course to improve skills of basic programming, coding and web development.

Eed Be Eed (Hand in Hand)

The Arabic-language magazine for culture and everyday life in Berlin. A bridge between Arab newcomers and German society
Berlin, Germany

The Arabic-language magazine for culture and everyday life in Berlin. A bridge between Arab newcomers and German society.

From Syria, with Love

Food for the soul, coming from the heart
Berlin, Germany

From Syria with love is catering company that aims to empower and give purpose to Syrian housewives. 

Hotel Magdas

A hotel like no other
Laufbergergasse 12, Vienna

The Magdas hotel is Austria’s first hotel run as a social business. The hotel gets by without financial assistance and 2/3 of the employees are people with a refugee background.


Bureaucratic support for regular foreigners living in Italy.
Via Emilio Morosini, 10 21100 Varese VA

In order to provide support, Bashkim Sejdiu developing Infostranieri, an APP with the aim to simplify bureaucratic procedures of migrant and provide access to all the documents in many languages.


Kiron University

Open Higher Education for Refugees.
Am Festungsgraben 1 10117 Berlin, Germany

Kiron is the world’s first online learning platform, that enables refugees to have un-bureaucratic access to higher education and successful learning through digital solutions.

Kiron University

Konditorei Damaskus

A Syrian pastry shop
Sonnenallee 93 12045 Berlin Germania

Konditorei Damaskus is a traditonal family pastry in Germany that produces Sirian typical products and now is popular among Syrians or who recognize the genuine taste of home as well as Germans and other internationals who like their exotic taste.

Konditorei Damaskus

New Cold System

The New Cold System s.r.l. manufactures components and systems, as well as it is a distributor of HVAC-R components.
Via Baravelli, 12/A - Z.I Bargellino,40012 Calderara di Reno, Bologna

New Cold System produces systems and manufactures components for standard and special applications in refrigeration and air conditioning. Thanks to their experience and continuous technical research, they are able to provide more products meeting the standard quality of the industry.

New Cold System

Passwork (Cooperativa Sociale)

Il bene per bene
Via Vittorio Emanuele III, 432 96010 Canicattini Bagni SR

Passwork manages three centres that receive migrants, they want to protect immigrants and refugees when they arrive to Siracusa and help them integrate and become independent. Moreover they´re able to offer shelter, care, education, training, and job placement.



Il microcredito in Italia.
Via XX Settembre, 38 10121 Torino

PerMicro provides microcredit both to companies and families that can’t obtain traditional credit because of the lack of real warranties or other problems. Microcredit offers an opportunity to social and financial inclusion.