Analyzed and developed through interviews and extended desk analysis

The selection of cases tries to portray a wide qualitative picture of on-going practices, paying attention to the contexts in which they are promoted and to the different kind of actors involved. It also presents insights on the challenges for migrant integration into the labour market, the needs and opportunities igniting those processes and the services developed to cope with them.


They have been selected (among the 100 cases) using the following qualitative criteria:

  • originality/representativeness of a case in its cluster;
  • the systemic approach;
  • the integration of synergic actions;
  • visibility and diffusion;
  • self-sustainability and impact.


Accordingly, the aspects of each case that has been deeper analyzed and reported on the index cards are:

  • the development of the activity/service/enterprise (past, present and future);
  • the main difficulties/challenges faced;
  • the way they overcome or find a new solution to the problems;
  • their business model and revenue model;
  • their impact in terms of employability and integration activities.


Art + refugees network
Hoxton Works 128 Hoxton St London N1 6SH, UK

Platforma arts and refugee network supports and develops art by, about and with refugees and migrants from marginalised communities and provides a space for sharing and promoting artistic practices that explore refugee experiences.


Project Promoting the Immigrant Entrepreneurship – PEI

Rua Álvaro Coutinho 14, 1150-025 Lisbon, Portugal.

This project has the purpose to encourage the entrepreneurship by communities of immigrants. So it helps beneficiaries to develop an enterprising attitude to life; develop personal, social and business management skills; create a new business and connect with the entrepreneurship support programs already existing.

Project Promoting the Immigrant Entrepreneurship

Redi School of Digital Integration

Using technology to break down barriers and connect the leaders of tomorrow.
Am Nordbahnhof 3 10115 Berlin, Germany

ReDI School of Digital Integration is a non-profit digital school for tech-interested newcomers applying for asylum in Germany. It offers students high-quality training and the chance to collaborate with the start-up and digital industry.

Redi School of Digital Integration

Ruta Cece

Ruta Hacia la Cooperación Empresarial y Comercio Electrónico (Route towards Business Co-operation and E-commerce).
Plaza de España, 14 21700 La Palma del Condado Huelva, España.

Ruta Cece promotes cross-border entrepreneurship creating networks and collaboration between Spain and Portugal. It supports business to grow through e-commerce and provides special assistance for immigrants.


Inform. Connect. Innovate
France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Canada

Singa offers a wide range of support activities for hospitality, social and economic integration; creating a network for language and cultural sensitivity, and also for entrepreneurship and social support.

Startup Refugees

Connecting people.
Helsinki, Finland.

Startup Refugees is a community of 350 companies and organizations that want to support business and employment opportunities for asylum seekers, connecting people with investors and mentors in order to help refugee to develop their entrepreneurial ideas.


Bank for all.
Berlin, Germany

Taqanu Bank promotes financial inclusion of refugees and other disenfranchised communities through an on-line platform that uses fintech solutions. This service gives refugees their own digital ID and ownership of data and offers them banking services with the use of blockchain technology and encryption.


Tobilì – Cucina in movimento

Traditional recipes with the best ingredients.
Via del Fiumicello 7, 80142 Napoli

The cooperative is called Tobilì – Cucina in movimento. They offer a multi-ethnic catering service; they organise dinners, lunch, events and cooking classes for those who want to learn ethnic cuisine from countries like Armenia, Egypt, Mali, and Kurdistan. Through cooking, they offer a cultural and gastronomic dialogue.


Welfare Ambrosiano Foundation

Restart with us
Via Larga 12 - 20122 Milan, Italy

The Welfare Ambrosiano Foundation is a non-profit organisation that promotes initiatives for workers and citizens in economic difficulties.

welfare ambrosiano foundation

Woodhouse Hotel

A cosy hotel between Milano and Monza
Via Giovanni Prati, 45 20092 Cinisello Balsamo MI

Woodhouse offers quality, low-cost accommodation to Chinese and Italian students. They have created an innovative model of hospitality. Here guests are able to find someone who speaks their own language, assistance with bureaucratic procedures, and fun activities to enjoy in their free time.